According to the manifesto [ kolekto ]:
"(...) we've grown over the years and we're going to grow more. Not to be a big company, but to be a great company. A big company can be measured by the number of people. A great company can only be measured by the quality of the people."

Therefore, knowing that we have committed an act that has failed to comply with a law or that one of our employees has not acted in accordance with the best practices of professional ethics, is very important to us. We guarantee your anonymity if desired.

What would be the subject of a complaint?
Some examples of acts/facts that can and should be denounced are:

• Fraud;
• Corruption;
• Bribery (active or passive);
Undue gifts or promises;
• Moral, sexual, psychological, verbal or virtual harassment, bullying, stalking or any third party behavior that has caused excessive discomfort;
Misconduct in the workplace and/or
Any complaints about unlawful acts of corruption related to public or private bodies within the scope of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 12,846/2013.
It is noteworthy that requests for registration of suppliers, sending resumes, and matters outside the scope of the reporting channel will not be disregarded and not sent to the administration of [ kolekto ].
For further clarification, complaints, compliments, or suggestions, please visit our website or our Ombudsman Channel.

Whenever possible, provide as much detail in your report as possible, such as:

• What (description of the complaint);
• Who (name of the persons involved, including witnesses);
• When (date when it happened, happens or will happen);
• Where (Location);
Why (the cause or motive);
How much (if it is possible to measure);
Is there evidence? (if it exists and where it can be found).

What will happen to my report?
The information recorded herein will be received by an independent company that will ensure absolute secrecy and the proper treatment of each situation by the senior management of [ kolekto ] in an impartial manner and free of conflicts of interest.
Depending on the complaint and specific needs, the help of Specific Commissions may be requested to investigate the case. In addition, [ kolekto ] reiterates its commitment to anonymity, however, eventually, if the whistleblower identifies him/herself in the body of the complaint, he/she may be contacted by e-mail or other means of communication, if necessary, for the progress of the proceedings or simple follow-up of the case.

It is important to emphasize that the verifications and investigations will be carried out in accordance with the legislation in force and will last, on average, 30 calendar days, the deadline may even be longer, depending on the complexity of the fact-finding.

What are the consequences of my complaint?

After the verification of evidence and investigations, [ kolekto ] undertakes to implement improvements and installation of policies whenever appropriate, as well as the adoption of educational and disciplinary measures always obeying the legal and proportionality criteria, according to the compatibility with the case.

On the responsibility of the whistleblower
Keep in good faith in the use of this channel so that it helps us evolve and correct acts of omission and/or harm, so do not use it for retaliation, libel, or defamation.
It is important to remember that the veracity of the information provided is a sole responsibility of the whistleblower. All information will be verified during the investigation process, and the resulting actions will be taken at the sole discretion of [ kolekto ].